This year- Day sixty-six. (More Fritz)
2009-09-03/3:46 a.m.


Today was a whirlwind of picking up Fritzers, him having visitors, Matthew coming to the vet with me and then like two hours at the vet and then being so freaking out of it on zyrtec that I fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at nearly 3am. I have to wake up at 8am to feed this guy and clean his litter and then go take care of Bain and Lillie.

Please, someone give me a job. I need a job. I mean, I am glad to do this stuff but it's more emotionally taxing than working. Oh, and I need a dang job.

Tomorrow Sarah is coming to hang out with him and I think another friend of Mikki's is coming by. I also have to shower (something painfully neglected today) and go to an ice cream social. Mikki gets in in the middle of the night tomorrow.

He's eating food and he's not vomiting so I think he's out of the woods. And.... he seems to have given up trying to sleep in my bed. Even when I was asleep with the bedroom door open he chose to sleep by my head in the living room instead of jumping in. Good boy.


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