This year- Day seventy-one. (back at home)
2009-09-08/3:19 a.m.

I am back in my apartment.

I practiced guitar and watched an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent before bed.

I just killed 20 minutes making fanged frog drawings to post on the internet to make myself laugh. Hopefully they made one or two other people laugh too.

I am really tired.

I still have some hives on the side of my face and I got some totally boss mosquito bites on the left leg. Why aren't the mosquitos dead yet?!?! I am all welty and covered in pink lotion. It's very attractive, just take my word for it.

Tomorrow I will do laundry and begin the apartment reorganization that I was inspired to continue while over at Lisa's. Mine is so half-assed when compared with hers.

I really should be a better guitar player.

I should also find a job.



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