This year- Day seventy-nine.
2009-09-16/4:46 a.m.

I had the kids for eight hours today and boy are my arms tired. Wait, I messed it up... it goes... I don't even know. I'm watching the Rachel Zoe show in my underwear at 4am, my knack for words has been lost.

My nanny career is raking in the bucks despite it not being a career so much as a stop gap to total poverty. I bought two new towels on sale at Target this passed weekend (chocolate brown and sherbert orange) and it's this kind of nanny money that can afford me such 10 dollar spending sprees.

I was supposed to find out about this job on Monday but then heard that I wouldn't know until today. Spoiler alert! I heard nothing all day today so I assume I don't start tomorrow and told Lillie I'd pick her up at 3:20 and told Bain I'd help him with his essay. I hate the not knowing. Granted, now it appears that I probably did not get the gig, which is depressing in it's own right, but at least I'd know to be depressed instead of just being stressed out and antsy all day long eating junk food for comfort.

Bed time!


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