This year- Day eighty-one.
2009-09-18/4:12 a.m.

I actually got a lot of things done today which means I am exhausted. My sister came over for fresh mozzarella sandwiches and Project Runway and then hung out watching her much beloved cable (she doesn't have cable) for a few hours since she doesn't have work tomorrow. That was fun.

The Runway was kind of awesome tonight despite someone being a jerk to Tim. Fuck that guy. How dare he! I am so tired of these judges but I hear we're in for a bunch of them this season since the real ones were in NYC for fashion week etc... It's such BS.

I did laundry at 3am while I talked to Shotz on the phone and played Ms. Pacman. Sleepy me. The clean laundry is all put away though. Whew. I only put that off for 1.5 weeks. I am STILL allergic to something in my apartment despite cleaning and doing laundry. My face is pouring water right now and I can't take medicine if I actually want to be on time to pick up the kids at 3 tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the kids, some soccer paying hopefully, and then Dr. Frank reading from his new book "Andromeda Klein" downtown. I'm psyched to see Frank and some other friends who I don't see that often. Running around Manhattan is so foreign to me these days- I feel like I'm in college again.


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