This year- Days eighty-three, four and five. (zyrtec eats my dreams)
2009-09-22/1:02 a.m.

I took zyrtec this weekend and thought I forgot to post last night when I passed out by accident. I just logged in to find... I MISSED TWO DAYS. I don't even know how I missed Saturday. I feel like I posted something on Saturday. Medicine keeps stealing time away from me.

Saturday Kelly Lynn and I put on our fall best and walked to the Dr. Frank book reading at Word in Greenpoint. Patrick and Jessie were there and then Frank and Jackie O. arrived. Good times. After we hung out for a while in the book store then walked through Williamsburg to the Japanese store I love (About Glamour) and then to eat dinner at Dumont. What a treat! A delicious treat. They even make artichokes so delicious that Kelly ate them without making a gaggy face.

Yesterday was all about making fabric flowers over at Kim's (we're almost done!) and then Adam came over for dinner. Good times. He was recovering from a drunken weekend and I was recovering from allergy medicine.

He pointed out that I missed a party on Friday night at Otto's and then revealed that he liked dancing at Jive/Swing night. I used to love that a lot. I revealed that I took swing and jive classes in high school and used to do it a lot and now he's really telling me to go to a future one. We shall see... I don't want to be shown up by the professional Japanese guys who go.

Today was a lot of boring stuff like grocery shopping and finding an amazing vintage cake carrier that rules.


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