This year- Day ninety-one. (party with photos and description)
2009-09-27/11:53 p.m.

There were a lot of cameras around so not a lot of the photos were taken on mine. Here are a sampling of good ones though.

The Chelsea Hotel lobby has great artwork everywhere and makes for some good photos.

happy sharona all showered and rested.

Sharona is all happy and showered and ready to fly back to CA so soon.

One of the bedrooms of our suite:
one of the bedrooms in our suite.

The Ghost Hunters would have a field day with the orbs in this photo:
how many ghosts are in this photo, ghost hunters?!

The pants have traveled to Meighan:
the pants travel to meighan.

Kimkim has become evil. Eeeeeeeevillle.

First Michelle and Kim met up and got facials at Bliss while me, Mikki, Meighan and Sharona decorated the hotel suite in secret. Then we met up and painted pottery for hours. Kim did a horse bowl that rules. Sharona did a cereal bowl that rules (it says "Chubs! Better than cereal!" on it) and everyone else did great looking stuff. I made a cookie/sugar jar that looked butt ugly. I don't know why I was so bad with it and why my orange paint seemed like the biggest pain in the ass. Pumpkin pie is a great color and a great pie but an annoying paint. We'll see what it looks like when it's all glazed and fired I guess.

Then we went to Blossom in Chelsea and met Lauren and Stephanie for dinner. It was so good! I had the port wine seitan and it was fabulous. It had a "healthy" version of a bloomin' onion on it. Deeeeelish. They played hilarious Enya type music that made Mikki laugh though.

The group left there and Kim was still confused and wondering what was happening (she didn't really know anything about the day or who was coming for what). When we got to the hotel I told Mikki to try going to the basement bar but act like we were rebuffed (turned out the private party happening in the basement bar was a 21 year old's birthday party who was also in the suite across from us. It was very gossip girl) and then Laura would say we'd try the upstairs bar. There is no upstairs bar. As we approached the elevator Mikki handed Kim the key to the suite and she was shocked. YES! Surprise successful.

When we were at pottery Kim asked me where the traveling pants were for her to wear in Greece. I was like "what?!?!" in my head thinking someone told her about the traveling pants we spent September making. She had no idea! She just happened to say that! When she got the pants at the hotel she was psyched and a few tears of happiness were shed. The pants were worn all night and will be making appearances in Greece!

Then the slumber party was underway and we played a dirty game, drank more prosecco and ate more snacks. The ouija board was busted out but not a lot happened there. The scariest thing being someone asking if any spirits were present and a phone somewhere dinging twice (DING! DING!). That was good times. It was good though because none of us were too scared to sleep.

I snuck into the bedroom Michelle was dozing in and fell asleep in there with the balcony door open (what luxury) and woke up at 4am with my nose swollen to twice it's size. It felt so strange and was really itchy! I got panicked and actually got up to look in the mirror. It looked like I had been punched in the face. I told Michelle and she said "A ghost probably bit you." Not helpful!

I was so tired that I just went back to bed and decided to deal with it later. When I woke up it was not really swollen anymore. How odd. I was really boozy when I woke up though. Which is also odd for me. We got dressed and checked out and Kim took us out to breakfast where we all looked a bit worse for wear.

All in all, a very great party and an excellent time. I'm sad it's all over now. The Chelsea Hotel has now been used for Sharon's and for Kim's bachelorettes. It's a thing. We have to keep going back. Hopefully Kim just buys an apartment there and then we can go back all the time anyway. In the last few years I've felt like I am not as close to this group of friends as we used to be. People have paired off and are busy with jobs and freelancing etc... and I was going to CA and back. It was nice to just have a total lady day again where we all had time to hang out. Sharona and Kim even jumped on the bed and did cheerleader moves for the camera- I can't remember the last time I took a photo of the two of them at the same time. Probably a year or two ago. It was heartwarming. When we got to my apartment today Sharon said "ugh, I feel old" as she dropped her duffle bag and sunk into the couch. Yeah, we've gotten old. My back hurts and my left toe is all busted and I have no idea how. I napped for two hours today and am still out of it.

We have gotten old but it's good to still take time out to see each other and do stupid stuff we liked when we were teenagers.

In two weeks she'll be all tied down the old ball and chain. TWO WEEKS! Time freakin' flies.


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