This year- Days ninety-six and ninety-seven (Other Kelly's visit)
2009-10-04/12:53 a.m.

Today I went to an in-store show by Strike Anywhere at Generation. Firstly, I haven't been to generation in years and bought records for the first time in years as well. Secondly, other Kelly is here from LA and she likes the band so we went.

They were two hours late but we stayed and the show was interesting. Kelly Lynn was there by then and thinks we should cover one of their very serious songs about Africa and dying etc... it would be something. Danny would love the message! Danny loves messages.

There was a guy at the show who had really crazy, deeply set eyes that were at least 2 inches inside his head. Seeing people like this in NYC everyday make you realize how odd most people look. Also, a guy with extreme asperger's came in as well so it was a lot going on at once. I wondered if that guy was bothered by his eyes or if he had grown used to them and gotten over it. You never know. Some people are better dealing with things than others.

I am often guilty of getting down on my body and thinking I have the worst proportions and cellulite ever but then I see someone who has something real to overcome and I feel so dumb about my attitude and it makes me try to be less shallow for at least a day or two.

There was also a cute German guy at the show who is doing doctoral work in BioChemistry at NYU who talked to me and got my information. That was a bit of an ego boost even if it was just because he wants to see the band (what he said). He seemed very nice and a bit overwhelmed by the city. I know what that's like.

Last night I had the kids, then a drive by drinks meet up and then other Kelly arrived from LA and we had a late dinner. What a busy time it's been these last few weeks.


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