This year- Day one hundred and ten. (Zombieland)
2009-10-17/3:13 a.m.

Tonight Adam and I saw Zombieland at the 42nd street E-Walk theater. It was grosser than I was expecting (read: I bet Johnny loved that) but as funny as I was hoping it would be. I am glad that I didn't have everything spoiled for me before I went in so I don't want to write too much.

I would be pissed at those girls for their terrible decision making though. This is me in a zombie apocalypse- getting pissed at people for terrible decision making.

There was a photobooth in the theater and we both love photobooths and we just talking about that at dinner so we decided to get photos. A couple coming out told us the screen was broken so you couldn't choose anything and couldn't see anything, you just had to go in blind and hope for the best. We were up for the test!

me and adam in a broken photobooth.

Now I am going to sleep and spend tomorrow in Philadelphia with Sarah, Jenni, Lisa and her rascally dogs. There will be a haunted prison and perhaps some cherry limeade in our futures. Dog bellies and chain restaurants for all!


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