This year- Days one hundred forty seven through nine. (fake phone)
2009-11-25/12:14 a.m.

Oh dang, looks like I missed posting for two days in a row. The whole "everyday" aspect of this thing is in serious jeopardy!

Yesterday I worked from 7am until 10:30pm and let's just say that I was in no mood to write things when I got home. I don't even think I checked email at that point.

I have decided that it's time to upgrade to a couch that I don't hate. "Upgrade" is a hilarious word since I'm looking for things for free to 50 bucks on craigslist but I am pretty sure that my futon is worth like -10 bucks so it's an upgrade relatively. This will be a stop-gap until I can one day afford an actual couch that I love. Oh, hello, there you are, couch of my dreams. Seriously, how pretty is it?


But that is a far off fantasy for when I have worked more than 5 months in a year. Right now I'll be psyched to find an ikea couch for 50 bucks that I can take naps on.

So, I ordered a phone when I lost mine a month ago. I found it online for 100 bucks and I emailed the place to verify and they had a lot of positive customer reviews and a 4 star google rating. It came yesterday and it's... hilarious? I don't even know how else to explain it. It's a fake replica of the phone, about half the size, with no keyboard, and a fake name painted at the top. Basically a toy replica of an actual phone packaged in the real phone box. I am baffled. I opened a file with paypal today to get my money back. What a freaking pain in my ass. Now I need to order another phone and figure this out again and get my dang money back.

The first thing the seller did was reply to my claim by saying that I knew what I was buying and that they were honest. Ummm... okay? I wonder if anyone buys that. That I would send 100 dollars to a company with an invoice saying "G1 phone by Google" because I wanted tiny replica of a real phone. They are also claiming they never said it was made by Google and that G1 could mean "anything." The only problem is that my invoice says it's a G1 by Google and they put it in a box for the G1 by Google for TMobile. Wooooops. Why do that if I was purposely buying a fake phone?

I really want to just move this to unfriendly so the paypal people can see the hilarity of the whole thing and report the scam. I will most likely do that tomorrow even if they refund my money.

Starting tomorrow I get to work from home and get some time off until Sunday. HALLELUJAH!! I have to do some pitches, some shoot write ups and some research but I plan to do it all the comfort of my pajamas. I also need to do laundry and run errands but I would have to get dressed for that which is less appealing.

I am watching the Criminal Intent with Jim Gaffigan where he is just dumping bodies behind his crematorium instead of cremating them. They just hauled out like 25 fake corpses that looked creepy as hell.


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