This year- Days one hundred fifty nine and sixty. (hershey and besties)
2009-12-06/1:18 a.m.

Yesterday was so busy with work and with fun that I was a dead person by the end of it.

Nothing makes you realize how you've really let yourself go more than a wall sized hotel bathroom mirror. Holy crap! That was scary. Normally that would terrify me and put me back on the exercise and eating better bandwagon. This time I thought "eh" and got dressed and went and ate more chocolate. Things are looking grim!

We're the A Team:
the a team.

I loved the Hotel Hershey- I want to go there for a weekend sometime when I have more personal time.
so pretty.

They kept telling us to come back during the peak season but I think the off season is the good time to go. You can read by the fire and take naps and eat delicious foods. It would be a relaxing time. Chocolate massages, facials etc...

my favorite lobby.

I really enjoyed the chef there too and would love for her to get her own show. I need to figure out what that show would be and sell it so that I'd get to go and film it. The perfect crime!

entryway drive.

Then we drove back, I was dropped at the Holland Tunnel Burger King and KL picked me up and we went to Asbury Lanes for Jay Insult's birthday party and the last Besties show in NJ. It was GREAT! I am sad they will be gone but I am glad I saw them that last time. Lots of people were out and I ate tater tots. It wasn't all roses since someone I was hoping to see didn't come, and someone I can't stand was there, but thems the breaks.

KL and I got back to her place by like 1am and I passed out so well on her couch. Next thing I knew it was nearly noon and she was still asleep (huge surprise since she's always up at 8 or earlier) and I felt so much better.


We watched Real Housewives reunions and VH1 marathons and didn't step outside until after dark. When I opened the front door I was shocked to see snow all over the place. What the heck?!!

I can't believe that it's winter but it is and I have to finish my christmas shopping soon and get ready for my trip to KC and do my cards. I haven't done crap. My apartment is a mess from all these trips and shoots and it ain't cleaning itself up, unfortunately. Someone buy me a roomba. One of those roombas that will also do the dishes and go grocery shopping. Thanks in advance!


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