This year- Day one hundred sixty one. (Up in the Air)
2009-12-07/1:25 a.m.

Up in the Air

I love the poster for this movie and I loved this movie. It is difficult to write anything about it without spoiling things so WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Don't read if you don't want to have this movie spoiled for you!

It was a very smart script that didn't hit you over the head with the lessons and the general horribleness of what these people do for a living. They fire people all over the country. I couldn't do that job for even a single day.

The guy who is 57 and clearly just waiting for retirement, who has put in 17 years at the company, who gets unceremoniously fired was the most sad of those for me. The company is being HORRIBLE. Doing that to someone just before they retire is the lowest of the low for a company and I could never defend that for them. No wonder they hire an outsider to come fire people, they are spineless jerks who can't do anything right.

I thought the romance part was done very well. When he took her to his high school and stuff was the saddest time for me. It's a very odd thing to show intimacy but it really does. How many people have you ever brought home and showed your embarrassing old trophies to and let meet your whole family? I will probably do that with 2 people in my entire life and one already. It's not something you just do all the time, particularly if you're that guy. They give the clear impression that he's somewhere in his 40s and has never done that before.

For me, that is where her character became incredibly misleading. I mean, if it really was this little distraction for her and he meant nothing etc... why do that stuff? Everyone knows that stuff is sweet and symptomatic of an actual relationship. Why meet his family and say things like :

Him: How do you like Wisconsin in February?
Her: I like it if you're there.

Don't say sweet things like that! He was blindsided. Meanwhile, during the sweet stuff at home I was thinking about how I have only done that once and only because I was super in love and wanted him to know everything about me. I was thinking about how he really didn't know me at all and that was all sort of in vein and if I ever do that again I hope it's with someone who is on the same page as me. Then I thought that I hope this character in the movie is on the same page as him. She was not and that was a bit heartbreaking. That is such a terrible feeling.

She also knew all along that this was his "real life." That he had nothing else going on at home- this was it. To be all "you were just a distraction from real life" is so mean. Granted, I liked that it turned out that way. I mean, it stunk and was sad but it made the movie more interesting to me. It's also more realistic. Most relationships are terrible and it gets annoying in movies when people just fall into awesome ones on the first try because life is just so awesome for them.

However, life is not awesome for this guy at all. I mean, he starts the movie thinking that it is but he freaking fires people for a living, doesn't really live anywhere, has no friends, his family barely knows him and he has never experienced love and he's pushing 50. What a bleak outlook. And the movie ends with him looking at more of the same really. It made me grateful for the things in my life that I really love and am lucky to have (wonderful friends etc...) but it also made me think about the heartbreaking loneliness of my current life. I often wake up and can't figure out where I am for a few seconds and am totally sure that someone else lives here with me. Sometimes a roommate, sometimes a guy, sometimes it's work people- but it's always a strange feeling to be half asleep in the dark looking for someone that I am sure is here with me, only to find that, nope, I am just alone.

And I know "we're all alone" and "we all die alone" and all that. I invented saying that when I was in college! (I mean, i know I didn't invent it but you get my point) But it's nice not to be alone for the good stuff. For the trips and the holidays and the dinners while watching tv in your pajamas and the hard times and the lazy sundays where you barely have to get out of bed and the snow days and the rainy days and the days when you're sick and the days when you need someone to just hug you and tell you everything is going to be okay. Those days it would be nice to have a partner in crime and that is what I am missing.

So, yes, this movie was pretty depressing.


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