This year- Days one hundred sixty two and three. (Couch!)
2009-12-10/12:00 a.m.

I left my computer at work Monday so that I wouldn't waste time looking at it and I would get stuff done at home and sleep. It worked but it meant no updating.

I have so much to do before I leave for Christmas... but, I GOT MY NEW COUCH! And by "new" I mean used thing I found on craigslist from a stranger. It was cheap and it fits (no easy feat) and is dark brown and it's soft. The futon that I have had since college (ie. 10 years) is on the curb and I feel so free. I really did get my 100 bucks worth out of it though. I got it on sale back in 99 and I still thought it was expensive. With tax and delivery it was like 150 and I thought that was so crazy expensive due to my poverty at the time. It was my bed for three years and the couch in my office when I moved in with Mike. When we moved in here the old couch his parents had given us was too big and too beaten up to bother with so we decided to use the futon in the living room as a short term solution to the problem.

Short term! It's been 5 years. Everything planned then didn't really pan out so the stupid futon was not the main thing I was focused on. I could cover it with blankets or cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable and less... I don't know... futon-y? Until today! No more!

It's not ideal by any stretch but my ideal, or even sort of ideal, would not work in this room. I love a couch with high sides and that can't work in here and it can't be that deep either. This is perfect and I only spent 75 bucks, which is nuts. It's from Macy's and has no single tear or scratch on it. Bargain!

Now to sleep forever... or until I have to get up and work again. I played with swords today and met a bearded dragon named Junior. He was chubby. All in a day's work.

This picture sums up what I feel pretty much every day lately re: tired and pale:
i'm tired.


On tonight's Top Chef finale, when Kevin (gnomey! I love him) lost and his mom told him she loved him and he laid his head on her arm, I cried.


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