This year- Days two hundred and one and two. (Kelley weekend)
2010-01-17/12:20 p.m.

An Eductation

I really enjoyed "An Education." Peter Sarsgaard is both sexy and pathetic throughout.

The Kell(e)ys have met. They were fast friends as all Kellys are. We didn't get into Wicked but we did see a movie and go to the NBC store and ate amazing cheesecake.

A good day!

Today is exposing Bain to Fuerza Bruta and some shopping and being woken up at 830am by a puking Howard. So much puke. What the heck did that guy eat?!


A note I found in a drawer.
The Extra Lens and Adultery.
Books are beautiful.
Ira Glass made me feel better about things.
Something that happened yesterday.