This year- Days two hundred and four and five. (howard is sick)
2010-01-20/12:02 p.m.

howard, the younger times.

Howard was sick all weekend and then spent Monday at the vet. The vet was clearly worried that it was more than a cold and ran ultrasounds and blood work. I hate it. The ultrasounds didn't find anything but I haven't heard about the rest of the tests yet.

Look at him up there so young and happy! He is the best. Surly and always hungry and snoring 10-14 hours a day. That was at my old apartment with the spring stripe table cloth from target. Those were the days. He can't be sick. Those are the rules. Just seeing him cough and sneeze and be grumpy over the weekend broke my heart.

Yesterday was my last day at work. I had a long shoot day but it ultimately worked out and was fun. It ended with tons of free food and wine and dessert at Bouley Market and it was awesome. We'll all be going back there again and again. A good note to end on.


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