This year- Day two hundred and thirty four. (silence)
2010-02-18/4:06 a.m.

Today was a day that may as well have never happened. I didn't do anything, my phone didn't ring (or beep) once. I called no one. Come to think of it, I didn't speak out loud once today. Wow.

At 2am I realized that I had never gotten dressed.

These are days that make me really wonder why I am wasting my life when I know that life is short. I will regret these days a lot at some point.

Someone I worked with recently joked about how I (and another producer) talk a lot. I was all "well, here, but at home I talk almost not at all." I go days without talking sometimes. The idea of talking and calling Time Warner today was avoided all day because I couldn't bring myself to do it. So maybe sometimes I talk a lot because I have a backlog of days of silence I am working out of.

Sidenote- if aliens came down to earth and made up a game of nonsense it would probably make more sense as a sport than curling does.


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