This year- Days two hundred fifty two and fifty three. (Oscars shmoscars)
2010-03-09/3:35 a.m.

basterds cupcakes. Yesterday the Oscars were on and they were a snoozefest so thank goodness some people came over to watch them or I would have fainted from boredom.

I was annoyed though, that 5/6 of the people who replied to an email I had sent about it, who said they were coming, told me they weren't coming just before the Oscars began. Mainly because I spent money on food and drinks that turned out to be completely unnecessary for the group that was here. That's frustrating on a normal day but I am unemployed so I was especially annoyed for wasting money. Eh, whatevers. Who knew everyone would flake at once?

Hilariously, I was worried the day before that I wouldn't have enough food if everyone came who said they were coming and on and on. It's always something.

Now, on to today. Today I had soccer and on soccer days I know I will see this really cute scottish guy who works for the league we play in. He's so cute and he's all Scottish and throwing his accent around. He also appears to be a bit shy so it's taken weeks of chatting him up to get him to be super chatty, like he was today.

Then! I am asking him to come see the band on Saturday when I notice he is wearing a ring and think "weird, he wears jewelry?" because I had never seen him wear a ring before. Then, it dawned on me that he is wearing a surprise wedding band. Surprise wedding band!! I think he's married. He said nothing about being married but told me all about why he's busy Saturday and asked things about Brooklyn and places to hang out as though he wanted to hang out a different day... ummmm, no. I am not going down that road, Scottish guy. We are not going to become buddies.

What a waste of weeks! Weeks. Now, next week will be my last week of this league since I leave for LA the next day and my plan is to take a secret photo so that I can prove he existed later, to friends, who secretly think I made him up.

It was a nice experiment to just openly flirt with a dude, unabashedly. Something I nearly never do. I figured since I don't know him, why not?

Oh, I also was accidentally tripped by a dude on the other team and my left elbow is all bloody and scabby and my body in general is in pain. It's awesome. It's what happens when you hit the ground (and it's a wooden gym floor) after running at top speed. I had two really good shots tonight. Like, really good. I swear. And both of them were saved by incredibly lucky goal keeping. So. Annoying. That is the one skill I bring to the table soccer-wise at this point since I'm so slow and terrible and it's not even paying off. It did get me complimented (by a few married guys) so I guess that's nice. (read between the lines, it's not nice)


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