This year- Days two hundred sixty and sixty one. (LA and stomachs)
2010-03-17/4:37 a.m.

Despite numerous setbacks, I got the pitch dvd edited before I left town.

I am in LA now.

My stomach has three bruises across it from soccer last night. I was basically hit so hard in the stomach that it turned it purple in one spot and brown in two other spots. I've never had that happen before. Let me tell you, it's not comfortable. Particularly for the duration of a 6 hour flight, or while wearing jeans.

I have gained back all the weight I had lost and then some and I think I am the fattest I've ever been now. Excellent. That's not horrifying in any way. Thank goodness my swimming regimen is about to get back on track.

Unfortunately I also have a nacho eating regimen here.


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