This year- Day two hundred and sixty four. (chubs!!)
2010-03-20/5:08 a.m.

In lieu of doing a lot of writing today I did things like uploading photos of Chubs and watched my first Law and Order on Kelley's tv.

Just look at these two buddies:
sharona and her baby.

They make a great team:
he just lets it all hang out.

Read his blog:

I miss having Sharona around all the time so it's great to hang out with her out here. We've been friends since 1998. Like, January of 98. It feels like we've been friends forever though. She knows everything there is to know. Whatever is new she knows soon enough. (there is never much new stuff so it's easy for her to keep up)

Tomorrow I am going swimming and celebrating Norooz and going out with Eugene. I won't write tomorrow either.


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