This year- Day two hundred and eighty two.
2010-04-07/4:35 a.m.

One of the most frustrating things in my past relationships has been when the other person has done something terrible that I am really upset about and I can't get through to them that they've hurt me and/or that I hate them no matter what I do.

I am going through that right now with the horrible ass who borrowed my car and it makes me all tense all the time. I hate it. I don't even get the benefit of making out this time (thank god! haha) but seriously. I am not sure if I can imagine a more frustrating feeling. I have moments of being very inarticulate but I feel like I can't be more clear with my feelings on this and he still blows it off completely.

What follows tends to be bad dreams where I am yelling at him, then kicking him and punching him while he stands, laughing at me. A classic.


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