This year- Day two hundred ninety eight. (nail polish glee)
2010-04-25/3:22 a.m.

On the subway home from Brandon's this evening there was a large group of fratty dudes with two girls. The guys were all HUGE. One seriously had to be 6'5" with calves as big as my head (and he wasn't overweight). The guys were all in cargo shirts and either enormous high tops or gross flip flops and unbuttoned shirts over tank tops. The two girls were in super high heels with cocktail dresses. Where the heck were these people that these outfits make sense? When the girls got chilly they each put on north face fleece jackets... over cocktail dresses. The guys sang classic songs but changed the lyrics to be about being gay, or how gay some dude they know is, or gayness in general ("I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this gay?" Etc...).

Lane's band on Gilmore Girls goes on tour with tshirts as merch and makes NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS. As a band who mainly has tshirts as merch and who has sold a good deal many of them, I can say that that is beyond unrealistic. They wouldn't have even made gas money for the van the whole way. I'd be happy if shirts paid for gas money and a little food half the time.

AA nail polish

Kelly Lynn and I got pedicures today (hooray, the winter is not kind to my feets) and used her american apparel nail polish in peacock. I am loving it. Why is their nail polish so awesome?? I want the passport blue, the berries, the hunter green, downtown LA, and dynasty as well.

Then Brandon helped me record her glee audition in his incredibly beautiful office. I want to live in Brandon's office all the time and forever. It's so pretty. And it has swedish fish.

Please vote for KL here, she is really cut out for this:


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