This year- Day two hundred and ninety nine. (blah)
2010-04-26/3:19 a.m.

I have not worked in nearly three months... again. Does it sound like you've heard this before? Maybe it's because it happened to me TWICE just last year. Ugh. I hate feeling like a complete waste. If I were to just sleep for 24 hour chunks sometimes, it wouldn't matter. No one would notice and the only things that wouldn't get done would be things on my little to-do lists. In fact, I slept until 2pm today by accident and it didn't affect anything.

My computer addiction is out of control and when the wireless internet is working I like to double up the computer addiction with my addiction to television and really wallow in the technology that being alive in 2010 has provided me.

I went out and interacted with human beings for the last three days. Bully for me! Now hire me. I would like to believe that I have some semblance of a career but these unemployment jags make that more and more difficult.

I am trying, I swear.


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