This year- Day three hundred. (milestones)
2010-04-27/3:39 a.m.

eye test

Two milestones have occurred in this, my 31st year on Earth.

1.- I had a period and got ZERO skin blemishes. Not even some little something something. A miracle!

2.- Sometimes my vision is a little blurry with far away stuff. This has never happened to me before. My glasses are more preventative since I spend 99% of my day in front of a screen of some kind and my prescription is odd and minimal. Still, I tend to get headaches when watching multiple screens / viewfinders so the glasses help. The funny thing is, I am sure my vision is still pretty good, it's just weird for me to have to squint at small lettering that is far away. My eyes have gotten worse though. Aging at it's finest.

It's hot as shit in my apartment right now and I blame Larry upstairs. He was complaining that the heat has been off and now it's blasting and making it hard for me to sleep. I am sweating and I'm pretty sure I smell bad. Thanks, Lar Lar!


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