This year- Day three hundred and six.
2010-05-03/3:35 a.m.

AA nail polish

The whole working out and eating better thing has been going okay. The thing about letting yourself go is how much it sucks to deal with getting back on track, so I should just not let that happen. Unfortunately, I am not that smart! If only this could have been foreseen when I made all of those pies and then ate them this past winter.

I used to walk back and forth over the Williamsburg Bridge all the time and I thought it was 3.5-4 miles. Larry recently informed me that it's a 5.2 mile trip. I was getting accidental bonus exercise! I plan to start doing that again if it's not storming big time tomorrow.

I saw myself in some photos from softball and in addition to being a sweaty mess of hair, wearing super unflattering clothing (because it was breezier in the heat), I looked enormous (as I think I've looked for the past two to four years). Photos can be harsh.


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