This year- Day three hundred and nine. (Cheeseburger)
2010-05-06/4:58 a.m.

MOTHER OF SHIT! I had written out this entire entry when safari closed and it was all erased. SO ANGRY!

uh huhhhhhh

Mikki and I went out tonight to see our buddies Cheeseburger in their new incarnation. Firstly, they're experimenting with having a bass player for the first time ever. Secondly, Joe (singer) has left the band to be a dad (scary larry!) and they have gotten a new singer. Joe was in many ways the heart of the rag tag bunch so it's a bummer on many levels that he's no longer in the band but I imagine he will be most sorely missed when it comes time to write new songs.

I don't want to sound negative. I love these guys. I have to say though, it was weird. Like watching someone try to do an impression of Joe. He is an incredibly unique front guy and singer and the new guy is good... but the last song ("Do You Remember," my most favorite by them) Joe went up and sang and the place went APESHIT. I thought Christy (guitar player) was going to die of happiness. Suddenly the difference between Joe and this new singer was in sharp focus and no one could deny it. I do feel badly for the new guy. He has big shoes to fill, in more ways than one.

Conversation had with Christy at the bar afterward:

Me- I can't believe Luke (drummer) still has that job.
Christy- I can't believe Luke still has that thick, great, red hair.
Me (laughing)- What?
Christy- We're all old now but Luke's hair is still beautiful.
Me (now dying)- What?
Christy- What? You don't think his hair is great?

I do agree that Luke has great hair. I just find Christy's obsession with it to be hilarious! He even brought their manager into the convo to confirm it's excellence.

Sidenote about Christy- Johnny would always go on about wanting to meet a hot Greek girl and I'd be all "the only greek I know is Christy..." and he'd cut me off to ask "is she hot?!" I'd respond "yeah, he's pretty good looking" and dash his dreams. For someone who claims to be so greek, he really misses basic greek cues.... And then six months later he'd forget this conversation and it would happen all over again.

I told Christy about tonight and he cracked up and said "you better have told him that she's totally hot!"

Sometimes I miss the old days when I'd hang out with these guys all the time and we'd watching 90210 and get beers at the GPT. Today was one of those days.


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