This year- Day three hundred and twenty. (domestic disturbance?)
2010-05-18/12:12 a.m.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching tv. Just before that at about 4am I heard Larry come downstairs and throw out some garbage or something and wondered why the heck he was doing that at 4am.

At 5am I was woken up by a really loud slamming around upstairs. In my half sleep I cursed Larry but figured I'd just give him shit about it today and go back to sleep. About a minute later it sounded like a body was slammed into the hallway wall upstairs. I then changed from thinking Larry was being annoying to thinking that Larry was being murdered. I texted him and muted the tv. "Are you okay?" Then a bunch more rumbling, stomping and dragging happened in the hall while I was worried as heck. Whomever it was got to the bottom of the stairs, hit my apartment door and then stood in front of my door for a solid minute while I tried to be completely silent. Finally, they left and slammed the front door loudly.

Crud. What the heck was going on?

Right then I get a text from Larry saying that he's fine and that he was just asleep. I told him generalities of what had happened and he said that he was just woken up as well and that was probably what did it. I was so relieved to find out that it wasn't him!

We think the upstairs neighbors were having a domestic dispute because someone was still stomping around above him (yes, at 5am) and someone was dragging a huge suitcase outside and smoking. Yikes. Hopefully everything is okay today. I don't see why they had to be as loud and annoying as possible but whatever. The dude who lives up there is a human embodiment of a water buffalo when he's walking up the stairs on a normal day.

Of course, I have no real way to protect anyone so I didn't poke my head out to see what was happening.

All in all, all it did was mess up my sleep schedule even more than it already was.


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