This year- Days three hundred fifty four and fifty five. (Weekend Update)
2010-06-21/2:35 a.m.

sex and the city 2

Between the World Cup, barbecues, friends, dog bellies, eggs benedict and True Blood this weekend was pretty excellent.

I love having friends within walking distance on all sides. It really is the best way to live in NYC.

That Definitely/Maybe movie with Ryan Reynolds has become a movie that I watch whenever it's on tv. Firstly, it has Clinton-era optimism, which I sorely miss. He's working for the Clinton campaign! Secondly, it has a bunch of smart ladies who he is interested in because they're smart and interesting (they're pretty too, of course). It's much better than it could have been. However! He's supposed to be retelling all of this story to his 11 year old daughter and that gets a bit creepy when he leaves in stuff about threesomes etc...

Howard has covered my bed in a thick layer of dog hair so it looks like a molting werewolf. I don't want to wash it until after he leaves so I am just suffering through it.


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