This year- Day three hundred and fifty nine. (DUMBO)
2010-06-25/3:48 a.m.

Haley is going through a terrible divorce. Watching this happen has made me think about marriage a lot. Throughout their marriage, she made more money than him and supported him while he tried to be an actor. He has now dumped her, meanly, and is demanding to be compensated for the rest of his life by her. THAT SOUNDS ILLEGAL! Like a scam that shouldn't really exist. But it does! Mind boggling.

Not to mention infuriating. It's not like it's the 50s and he's a lady who couldn't have her own career. He just chose to be a cater waiter who sometimes goes on auditions for twenty years. The funny part is that if she hadn't been supportive, that would have made her a bad wife. She was supportive, which means she got completely taken advantage of. Why are these the options?

Anyway, in order to flee New Jersey and his bad vibes, she moved into one of those crazy high rises between DUMBO and Fort Green. I showed her around DUMBO last weekend since she's never really been there. Then we got drunk and shared relationship horror stories at some wine bar.

bridge porn.
brooklyn bridge over that park building i love.
pretty tunnel in dumbo.
Dumbo- Bridge straight ahead, tunnel to the right, warehouse to the left.
Haley's new view.
brooklyn bridge, in lights.


A note I found in a drawer.
The Extra Lens and Adultery.
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Ira Glass made me feel better about things.
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