2010-08-28/8:42 p.m.


Last weekend I should have grocery shopped and cleaned my apartment and slept a lot but instead I decided to go on adventures. Not the decision I'd normally make but it turned out to be totally fun and awesome and I have no regrets (despite running out of things for breakfast this week and living in squalor).

First I voyaged to Stephanie's apartment in Queens and had an impromptu slumber party with her and Michelle. Major discovery! Hard Lemonade now comes in tall boy cans at the gas station! My life has most likely changed forever.

one of the most amazing inventions of my lifetime?  perhaps.

Then I was dogsitting Howard and he accompanied me, Andy, Becky and Jenni up to Wappinger Falls where we met a baby and had a barbecue. It was beautiful. Howard didn't nap for 10 straight hours which nearly killed him. He was so tired that he slept without making noises, you guys. A rare feat!

The baby:
ephie is only two months old.

The barbecue:
the spread.

Howard in the country has very similar priorities to Howard in the city:
what could he be looking at?

Benji and Rebecca's beautiful home:
benji and rebecca's cute house.

I got home Saturday night and pow-wowed with KL, Stephanie and Michelle about Sunday's adventure. Normally, when you find yourself with a car in August in NYC you are getting to a beach of some kind. However, it was both 78 degrees and supposed to rain all day, what are us girls to do? We decided to go to the Dia Art Foundation in Beacon New York.

The Hudson was uniquely beautiful in the storm because of the fog coming off of it. It made us feel like we were driving in Hawaii suddenly... at least a teeny bit.

the fog on the hudson.

The museum is very cute and had several interesting exhibits going on.


My favorite is the Sol Lewitt pencil drawings series that you should totally see before they PAINT OVER IT in November. Ugh, thinking about them paining over it makes me so sad. Some of the pieces involved 5000 intricate pencil lines. Apparently his point to his art was to create detailed instructions of how to create the pieces so that they can be created and re-created over and over again, looking slightly unique each time. It also seems like a very specific kind of insanity (OCD?) but a very appealing insanity to me. I love lines and patterns and grids so it was like being in heaven, going through each room. I've seen other pieces of his (I think the MET has some on their roof and MOMA has a few in fact) that did not impress me so much, but this one could not have been more up my alley.

i wish that i had this kind of patience.
kelly lynn in front of her favorite piece.
i'm in love.
lewitt instructions

There is also a permanent Richard Serra installation that is impressive. One big thing about this museum is that it has TONS OF SPACE. I am not accustomed to seeing art breathe like this. The Serra installation simply wouldn't fit in most museums even if it wanted to travel.

amazing richard serra installation.

You could even go inside them (in different ways).
running around inside art.

And the shadows background that Warhol painted has it's own huge room.

Then we drove back (after tempering our day of culture with a healthy dose of cherry limeade and cheap goods at wal-mart) and experienced a free-for-all on 2nd avenue. Turns out it doesn't have lines right now. EEEEK!

2nd avenue has become an adventure!

But we made it. The end.


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